API Playground BreakfastApril 25th, 2016 in Kloten

Dear Startups and Fintechs from Switzerland,

In today fast-paced digital world, new business obstacles arise every day:

  • How do you manage and secure the APIs all along the way?
  • How do you identify the right person before allowing access to sensible data?
  • Do you currently meet regulatory requirements or compliance while efficiently managing all the APIs?
  • When releasing a new service, can you constantly monitor the performance, plan new releases or test and ensure the quality?
  • Are you able to track user behavior to identify upcoming trends and foresee new market opportunities?

All those questions might not feel relevant in the first development stages of a new product or service but they become vital when you want to enter the market and win potential customers and partners.

Application- and API-Management is a significant discipline that, unfortunately for newcomers, has its price. To obtain professional support and functionalities, you must bare licensing costs of the software, which are not easy to afford during a start-up phase.

With this in mind, CA Technologies, together with Swisscom, will soon offer an “integrated API sandbox”, designed to support Fintechs and other start-ups.

If you feel your projects could benefit from such a platform, register now using the adjacent form and join us on April 25th for a morning workshop (09:00-12:00) dedicated to this initiative.

Looking forwards to hear more from you and meet in person at the API Playground Breakfast.

CA Technologies
Roland Cortivo
Digital Business - FinTech
Swisscom (Schweiz) AG
Daniel Zuellig
Sr Business Tech Architect
CA Technologies

Registrations will close at noon on Friday April 21st.