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CA Live API Creator

Introducing CA Live API Creator
Quickly create APIs from diverse data sources using a point-and-click approach to launch new apps and integrations faster than ever before.

You Can Use Live API Creator to:

Quickly Create APIs from Diverse Data Sources

Build APIs across multiple, diverse legacy and modern data sources and apps using a graphical point-and-click approach.

Implement Real-time Reactive Logic

Use reactive rules to apply business logic to API calls at runtime.

Explore Your Data

Instantly explore, update and maintain your data through an intelligent, dynamic user interface.

CA Live API Creator dramatically reduces the time and cost of manually developing and maintaining APIs.

By being able to create APIs faster and more easily, you'll be able to significantly speed the delivery of data-driven web, mobile and IoT apps to make your digital strategy a reality.

CA Live API Creator consists of three components:

  • API Creator: allows API Owners to easily create APIs based on existing enterprise data
  • API Server: exposes enterprise-class APIs that apply reactive logic rules across diverse data sources
  • Data Explorer: allows business users to explore and manage exposed data

Out-of-the-box features include pagination, optimistic locking, filtering, sorting, nesting and backend optimization. You'll be able to create point and click joins across SQL, NoSQL and REST services, and deploy the solution in the cloud, on-premises or both.

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