Modernizing Application Architectures with Microservices and APIs

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Next live-streaming event is on August 24th - API Strategy and Design!

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APIs and Microservices are at the heart of modern, cloud native application architectures. Although many digital native companies have already proven this approach, established enterprises choosing this path to digital transformation are asking the same question: “Where do we start?”

Register for this virtual summit series to learn from industry experts through live streaming presentations, interactive live chats, as well as API management and microservice solution demonstrations. Access great sessions anytime, on-demand from software veterans like Mel Conway and companies like Netflix, Comcast, HBC Digital and

You'll learn how-to:

  • Adopt best practices for APIs and microservices to ensure a successful journey
  • Introduce APIs and microservices into your team, product, and organization right away
  • Migrate from monolithic applications and legacy architectures to a microservices architecture
  • Identify likely projects for first attempts at microservices
  • Continue to deliver value early and often - even if your team is just getting started

Previous Presentations Now Available

Your Evolving Microservices Journey

August 14, 2017 - Boulder, CO, USA
On-demand sessions available now.


1:00 pm How do you liberate the business value trapped within your monolith? A roadmap for your migration journey. 
Mike Amundsen, API Academy
1:45 pm Don’t let your Microservices Garden Overgrow. Managing diversity and complexity as your ecosystem grows.
Erik Wilde, API Academy
2:30 pm Programming the People Platform. What things can you change today to make your organization behave more ‘microservicey’ tomorrow?
Ronnie Mitra, API Academy
3:15 pm PANEL: Do Microservices signal the end of RESTful APIs?
Matt McLarty, API Academy and special guests!
4:00pm Wrap up/Q&A/Live Chat in Solution Zone
*times are shown in mountain time (UTC-07:00)


Kin Lane

API Evangelist

Shelby Switzer

Head of Integrations

James Higginbotham

API Consultant

Mehdi Medjaoui

Executive Director and API Days Conferences

Mike Amundsen

Director, API Architecture
API Academy

Ronnie Mitra

Director of API Design
API Academy

Erik Wilde

Director of Technologies
API Academy

Matt McLarty

Vice President
API Academy

Event Schedule

Your Journey to Microservices

July 11, 2017
New York, NY, USA
Available now

Your Evolving Microservices Journey
August 14, 2017
Boulder, CO, USA
Available now

API Strategy and Design: From Prototype to Results
August 24, 2017
Vanick Digital and CA Technologies
Learn more

Live Conference Track Sessions
September 25-27, 2017
San Jose, CA, USA

Live Conference Track Sessions
November 13-17, 2017
Las Vegas, NV, USA

Learning On-Demand

All live presentations will be recorded for you to watch anytime

Other past presentations available for viewing include:

One-on-One Microservices Discussion - Mel Conway, The Creator of "Conway's Law" and Mike Amundsen. Microservices Implementation Lessons Panel -, Netflix, Thoughtworks, HBC Digital, Vanick Digital. Microservices in Harmony - API Academy. Microservice Anti-Patterns - Asurion. Surviving Partial Failure - Comcast. Microservices Blind Spots - ReferWell. The Automated Monolith - Haufe Group. Fostering Innovation - API Academy. Microservices and the Web - API Academy.

Solution Zone

Chat live with experts and see the latest tools and demos

In the solution zone you can explore presentations and best-practice resources for full lifecycle API management and microservices from CA Technologies and partners. There will be live experts to answer your questions and you’ll discover the latest tools to help you implement your APIs and microservice architecture with speed, safety and at scale.

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