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We’ve reinvented data protection. arcserve Unified Data Protection delivers unified
architecture across physical and virtual environments and unprecedented ease-of-use
via a new, web-based interface.

Advanced capabilities enable you to establish, test and improve Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) on-premise and in the cloud delivering what today’s businesses need: Assured Recovery.

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arcserve UDP Feature Overview

arcserve UDP really does deliver everything you need for data protection. Take a look at some of its key features, such as high availability, replication, virtual standby and tape archive.

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arcserve UDP Protection Plans

We know business continuity and recovery are key to protecting your business. Check out this video to understand how arcserve UDP backup plans work for disk to disk, replication tasks within your protection plan.

video 3
arcserve UDP and Virtualization

Data protection in virtual environments just got a lot easier with UDP. Find out why by seeing how we perform a single pass backup and setup standby of a virtual server and guest.

video 4
arcserve UDP Architecture

Discover more about the different elements that make up arcserve UDP’s unified architecture, including true global de-duplication, hybrid agents and our easy-to-use unified management console.

arcserve UDP infographic

We've taken the maturity of our arcserve products and integrated and upgraded to create a single, scaleable product. Take a closer look at how arcserve UDP covers all your data protection needs.

arcserve UDP Quotes

Several beta customers are already experiencing the next generation in unified architecture with arcserve UDP. And this is what they have to say:

"arcserve UDP is extremely quick and easy to deploy while providing a fast recovery method to get our clients back to work quickly."

Gary Haberl | President, Lions Park Computers Ltd

"For data protection, arcserve UDP offers relief from mounting complexity, delivering ease-of-use and comprehensive functionality alongside flexible price points that match customer needs."

Charles Capone | TechXtend

"We were particularly impressed by arcserve UDP’s centralized control and task planning, its resource-saving deduplication and compression, and its overall performance – all packaged in a solution that is really unique to the market."

David Fartouk | Trust-IT Solutions

"For us, arcserve UDP is a 'one-size-fits-all' recovery management solution that beats competitive products by far."

Georg Weber | Login-IT GmbH & Co. KG

"Right from the beginning of our testing, arcserve UDP made a great impression, bringing together a number of key data protection features – such as agentless host-based VM backup – in a clearly arranged, user-friendly fashion."

Dennis Lohr | Schneider & Wulf EDV-Beratung GmbH & Co KG

"arcserve UDP makes working in the backup environment very easy and efficient. The integration of several applications worked out brilliantly."

Dominik Wiedel | TIM AG

"In short, it looks like an awesome design, and I am looking forward to the product being GA."

Shamal Lalindra | Perfetti Van Melle Lanka Pvt. Ltd

"arcserve Unified Data Protection is a remarkably easy-to-use disk-based backup solution that we can offer our customers demanding high performance capability."

Yasuhiro Asakura | Hitachi Ltd

"With the new centralized management console and the Recovery Point Server, with its concept of intelligent data stores for backups, arcserve UDP takes ease-of-use and efficiency to an entirely new level, enabling customers to confidently address their evolving data protection needs with just a single solution."

Rodrigo Jerônimo | Analyst, Mackenzie Presbyterian University

"When using UDP, recovery of a whole server is faster than using standard backup systems. New Recovery Point Server (RPS) functionality in UDP provides source-side data deduplication capability. We can use two RPS systems and make replication from one RPS to another for multi-site data protection with global data deduplication."

Tomasz Spyra | Owner, RAFcom

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IDC analyst webinar

To launch the next generation in unified data protection architecture, we held a global webinar with analysts from IDC. Hopefully you caught it live –if not, you can catch up here.

This webinar is in English only.

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arcserve: Key Differentiators. Jack and Christophe discuss what's different about our new solution, Unified Data Protection. As influenced by feedback from our existing customers.

Assured recovery. Simplified management. Integrated solution.

arcserve UDP takes data protection to a new level for ease of use, comprehensive coverage and assured recovery. Check it out for yourself with a simple, 30-day free trial of the arcserve UDP that suits you.

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arcserve UDP Standard

Provides imaging functionality for virtual and physical Windows and Linux servers. Source-based de-duplication and storage locally, remotely or in the cloud. All through a centralized management console.

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arcserve UDP Advanced

All the functionality of the Standard Edition plus granular recovery of Exchange and SQL.

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arcserve UDP Premium

In addition to the functionality contained in Advanced, Premium includes all of the agents and options that have traditionally been sold as stand-alone components to arcserve Backup.

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