Container Monitoring and Management eBook

This eBook lays out the monitoring challenges confronting todays DevOps engineers, describing approaches to metric collection and visualization, the classes of modern monitoring, and importantly - how what methods work to tame complexity and ensure these dynamic application environments deliver on their promise.

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The New Stack Makers Podcast: Future-Proof Docker with Modern Monitoring

In this podcast, we discuss the complexities of monitoring microservice architectures and applications deployed to Docker. Sushil Kumar, SVP of Product Management at CA Technologies, describes the importance of employing an open, flexible monitoring data model for Docker.

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Webcast on Demand: Future Proof Docker and Microservices with Modern Monitoring

In this webcast presented by Chris Kline, VP DevOps Strategy at CA Technologies you will learn:

  • The benefits of using an agentless application monitoring approach in Docker environments
  • How an open data model is key to understanding and tracking microservice relationships and dependencies
  • The importance of analytics-driven monitoring to help detect anomalies, predict problems and prevent alert storms
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