Haunted by tales of testing in your DevOps practices? Frightened by the paranormal testing activities that occur too often in your quality efforts?

Join CA Technologies, Sauce Labs (Selenium Community), Cloudbees (Jenkins Community) Veracode, TestPlant, DZone, BlazeMeter, TechWell, and Perfecto thought leaders in next-generation testing practices as we explore how to bring testing methods out of the crypts and into a modernized approach to build better apps, faster, and with SaaS and open source foundations.

Now is the time to breakthrough any mummy-paced testing approaches and begin a new age of testing where teams can test early, often, automatically and continuously.

Solution Zone:

In the solution zone, you can explore content and best-practice around Continuous Testing from CA Technologies and our partners. There will be live experts to answer your questions and you’ll discover the latest tools to help you implement seamless end-to-end test management, test automation, test data management, open source testing tools, modeling requirements to improve testing, GUI functional testing, and so much more.

You'll learn how-to:

  • Infuse testing into every aspect of the software delivery lifecycle
  • Implement best practices around Continuous Testing
  • Adopt open source testing tools with current practices

Your Spooky Cool Agenda for Friday, the 13th:

9:00 am
Welcome to the Continuous Testing Monster Mash 

9:15 am
Is Your Testing a Trick or Treat?  The New Paradigm of Testing in a DevOps World  
Adam Auerbach, VP of Quality and DevOps Engineering, Lincoln Financial Group

10:00 am
The Haunts of Legacy Testing are Over! Make Your Testing a “Thriller Time” – from Planning to Production
Jeff Scheaffer, SVP and General Manager, CA Technologies

11:00 am
How Sprint Brewed a Testing Transformation in the Digital Age 
Aaron Haehn, Director of Quality Assurance, Sprint

11:45 am
Removing the Gremlins & Ghouls of Testing: A Continuous Testing Panel Discussion
Moderator: Aruna Ravichandran, VP of DevOps, CA Technologies

1:00 pm
Breaking the Banshee Bottlenecks of Quality 
Special Guest Speaker 

1:45 pm
Horror Stories in Realm of Testing and How to Escape those Testing Demons
Scott Edwards, Sr. Director of Product Marketing, CA Technologies 

2:30 pm
Open Live Chat and Conclusion


Jeff Scheaffer
SVP and General Manager CA Technologies

Adam Auerbach
VP of Quality and Devops Engineering Lincoln Financial Group

Aruna Ravichandran
VP, Global Product and Solutions Marketing, CA Technologies

Aaron Haehn
Director of Quality Assurance Sprint

Scott Edwards
Sr. Director of Product Marketing CA Technologies

Steve Hazel 
Sauce Labs

Alon Girmonsky
Founder and CEO of BlazeMeter

Kohsuke Kawaguchi
CTO, Founder of Jenkins Project,

Nick Casalbore
US Manager, Technical
Consultancy, Testplant

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